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Contact Information

Vasoli Electric Co., Inc.
1430 Ulmer Ave, P.O. Box 89, Oreland, PA 19075

Phone: 215-886-1000
Fax: 215-886-0420

Customer Experience & Range of Services

Vasoli Electric Company, Inc. provides a broad spectrum of electrical and instrumentation construction services.

They include but are not limited to:
  • New Building Construction.
  • Renovations to existing and historic buildings.
  • Surveying, troubleshooting, testing and repairing existing power distribution, switchgear, transfer and power generating systems. We also incorporate fully engineered electrical design documents through a contracting-of-design services relationship we have with both specific design engineers and firms.
  • Instrumentation installation, calibration, testing and troubleshooting/repair.
  • Alternating current and direct current power wiring and equipment installations, along with network copper and fibre cabling installations.