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Vasoli Electric Co., Inc.
1430 Ulmer Ave, P.O. Box 89, Oreland, PA 19075

Phone: 215-886-1000
Fax: 215-886-0420

Vasoli Electric Co., Inc.

Vasoli Electric has only one product, that being Service. If it is important for you to select an Electrical Contractor who has a commitment to serving its customers and maintaining a distinguished track record of performance based on that Service; then we encourage your close examination of our past and present work experience.

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SAFETY - We welcome closer examination of our safety records and ratings. The attached Pennsylvania Experience Rating Modification clearly demonstrates our company-wide safety culture. Additionally, Vasoli Electric ranks 25th out of 1000 companies statewide, or in the top 3 percent of firms large enough to warrant an Experience Mod in Class Code 661 (Electrical). Click here to learn more.